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Im Home | Our Services
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Our Services


We specialise in a wide range of home decoration services that are affordable and aesthetically appealing, whilst prioritizing your convenience.

  • Consultation

    Have your say on what you want and what you need. IM HOME will suggest the best options that we can offer!

  • Furnishing

    The IM HOME team will personally come to your place of residence and propose a design offer that matches your style and budget.

  • We select only the best quality products and equip your residence with only the necessary items to optimise the use of space.

  • Renovation

    Our renovation services include decking, pergola, layout rearrangement (interior & exterior), carpentry, fencing, and other outdoor construction services.

  • Installation

    We go the extra mile to assist you in installing a wide range of utilities that can cause a lot of hassle when done by yourself.

  • Others

    Our expert movers prioritize efficiency while also maintaining the safety of the goods. We ensure that your home will be ready and livable when needed.

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